Checklist to create the best search user interface

There is few things that you need to plan ahead for developiong the best user experience for your client.

You probabaly need to think about the search text field. Are you planning to have autocomplete turn on to let user know what kind of data is already available?

Are you thinking about providing some kind of results to show how many records are available?

Are you planning to show how many pages are availabale and show a way to navigate thru the record set. It is important for user to know that they can go to page 2, 3 or 1039 if they need to.

Advance search option. Are you planning to have them in front of the user or do you plan to hide it behind a button or a link ?

what kind of options are you going to provided in advance search?

What kind of design pattern are you planning to use to narrow or expand a search? To narrow a search you could use a

Are you planning to help user with spelling mistake?

Are you planning to suggest content more like the one that is display?