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Java Developer

Proven track record of implementing complex back office systems at manufacturing and government institutions. Experience with multi-millions records dataset with SQL and NoSQL systems. Strong software/system troubleshooting capability. Experience in general computer/server support and maintenance. Worked in union and nonunion environment.

Area of Expertise

Search               SOLR 3.x, 4.x,5.x, Autonomy IDOL 10.x, 7.x, Lucene, IBM Omnifind Yahoo Edition

Languages         Java, Javascript, Node.js, AngularJS, Objective C, Visual Basic,Bash, Korn Shell, KSH, Perl, PHP, SQL, HTML, XML

App. Servers      WebSphere, Weblogic, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, Solr, Elastic Search, Jetty, IIS.

Technologies     J2SE, J2EE, Microsoft .NET, JDBC, JSP, servlets, Jakarta Commons, Spring, STRUTS, WAR, EAR, SOFI, JavaMail, DTDs, Hibernate, Velocity, Ant, Axis, JAXB, XSD, visualVM, JAX-RPC, WSDL, checkstyle, Maven. Jasper Report Server 3.5, Jasper Schema Workbench, Jasper OLAP, Jasper iReport, Jasper ETL (Talend), Spiceworks, Nagios, JMeter

Concepts            Service Oriented Architecture, Object-Oriented Design, UML, Design Patterns, Refactoring, Web Services, networking, Internationalization, W3C Accessibility, MVC, AJAX, Search Engine Optimization, REST Services.

Dev. Tools          Eclipse, MyEclipse, Netbeans, Microsoft Visual Studio, Websphere Software Application Developer, Talend

Systems             Unix (SUN, HP), Linux (Ubuntu. RedHat, Fedora, Suse), Windows (95, 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, NT, XP, Vista, 7), IBM AS400. SAN, Dell Equallogic

Databases          Oracle 7.x, 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 11.x MySql 4.x, 5.x, DB2, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server, DBase, MS Access, HSQL, SQLite

Version Control  CVS, GiT, Subversion, Jazz

CMS                    WordPress, Joomla , SharePoint, Alfresco, OpenCMS



Professional Experience

Java Full Stack Developer – Desjardins Securities                                                    September 2016-Present

Desjardins Securities is the brokerage firm of Desjardins Group, the largest cooperative financial group in Canada.


Technology used : Spring MVC, Spring Batch, Spring Security.


Key Projects:


Migration from 3rd party trading company Nexa to Qtrade


  • Create Spring Batch job to migrate Account History from AS400 to Oracle.
  • Develop Spring micro services for users, accounts, preferences.
  • Connected main application to the new micro services.
  • Participate in daily and monthly agile scrum meetings.
  • Refactor code to point to the new provider.
  • Create Unit Test.


Java Developer – Intact Assurance                                                                            August 2015-July 2016

Intact is the largest provider of home, auto and business insurance in Canada, distributed through a nation-wide network of insurance brokers.


Technology used: Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Security, Angular.js, Node.js, Grunt, Oracle, SOAP, Rest.


Key Projects:


Client Center

  • Add a billing tab to the client center application to let the customer see it’s billing information.
  • Consumed multiple SOAP web services.
  • Created REST services to be consumed by Angular.js.


Gapi Sunset.

The objective of the project was to replace an old message queue provided by a third party with Web services. The number one goal for this project was that the change needed to be 100% transparent to the user.

  • Replaced an old and expensive websphere message queue with free and open source Java based Web Service.
  • Developed 2 java web services to extract claims reports from the canadian central database.
  • Archived the xml reports in an Oracle database with Spring and Hibernate libraries.
  • Extracted data from the XML report using JAXB and transferred the information using Intact communication Objects.
  • Created functional test with SoapUI.
  • Used TDD methodology to develop and unit test the application.


Java Developer – Norconex                                                                                        May 2013- July 2016

Norconex is an Ottawa based enterprise search technology services provider that helps businesses better organize and access their digital information. The team of search specialists is dedicated to provide clients with a variety of high quality search solutions, tailored to fit their specific needs.

Technology Used: Solr, SolrCloud, Solrj, Solr-Ajax, Lucene, Java, JAXB, XSD, visualVM, SKOS, Redis, Maven, Junit, Hibernate, apache-solr, Eclipse,  Microsoft SQL server, Android SDK, iOS SDK, PHP,  Zend 2

Key Projects:

Foundation Center

  • Provide support for a php Zend 2 application.
  • Provide support for a backbone.js and marionette.js application.


  • Rewrite java application to reduce solr indexing time of 500 millions records from 3 days to 8 hours using ETL tools.
  • Maintain java code to generate SKOS/RDF files using java JAXB to be used in semantic web context and created a script to test the generated skos files against a XSD file to make sure that the generated files were valid.
  • Maintain a Struts 1.x web application by replacing outdated javascript code that was internet explorer specific with jquery and extjs.
  • Create a few rest web service for the Struts 1.x to be used by a ext-js application.
  • Perform Solr cache vs Redis testing using Jmeter.


Association of Universities of Canada – AUCC

  • Migrate an Oracle database to Solr using Solr Data Import Handler and multi value fields.
  • Support for French and English fields.
  • Create facet search based on client list of fields.
  • Implemented “Did You Mean” and “Spell Checking” module.
  • Fine tune query and index analyzer, tokenizer and token filters.
  • Configure language specific filters like ElisionFilterFactory
  • Provide support to fine-tune Solr’s scoring and boosting algorithm
  • Demonstrate Solr features using Solr-Ajax library.


Association Coopérative d’Économie Familiale – ACEF

  • Develop a mobile application in the finance category on iOS and Android.
  • Use of a rest api to communicate with a MySQL database.
  • Use of a mix native front end and web view to create a rich client experience.
  • Propose improvement to the CakePHP web application.
  • Troubleshoot and published the application to the play store and iTune store.


Canadian Federal Government (Security Based Department)

  • Create a Solr index of 15 millions of records with 15 000 new documents added daily.
  • Design Taxonomy rules using using lucene API to add metadata to documents.
  • Setup a distributed indexing system using zookeeper.
  • Define a Solr Schema based on Microsoft SQL database.
  • Provide support to fine-tune Solr’s scoring and boosting algorithm.
Java Developer Hitlab (Contractor)                                                                         August  2012-April 2013

Hitlab is a new media company that is trying to reinvent the way music is discovered, produced and distributed. Hitlab has intellectual property that it can analyze songs to assess the potential for the next commercial hit.

Technology Used: Java, Maven, Talend, Junit, Hibernate, MySql, apache-solr, Solr, Eclipse, Mp3agic, UML, Checkstyle,

Key Projects:

  • Participate in the development on an Android Karaoke application.
    • Use rest api to login and register user.
    • Use rabbitmq message queue for getting the score of a song.
  • Complete redesign of the mysql database with stored procedures for business rules.
  • Develop unit test using mock object and dependency-injection.
  • Business process automation with Talend ETL tool.
  • Document using UML 2.0 schema and BPMN.
  • Use Google translate Library to translate 10 000 Chinese song title.


Java Organic Developer at MCCCF (Contractor)                                                   March 2012-June 2012

The “Ministère de la culture, des Communications et de la Condition Feminine” mission is to contribute to the affirmation of the identity and cultural vitality of Quebec, to promote access and involvement of citizens in cultural life and to stimulate the development of communications.

Technology Used : Java, JSP, Struts, Sofi, Hibernate, Oracle, Solr, Eclipse

Key Projects :

  • Deploy an Apache Lucene/Solr search engine server to help speed up the search of the government cultural asset.
    • Created a wrapper library to help the rest of the team use the solr database.
    • Created an XML schema for the Solr search engine based on the Oracle schema.
    • Documentation of the Solr Rest API
  • Deploy a shared web service AXIS2 based on to scan files for virus files going in an Electronic Document Management System.
  • Deploy an open source video streaming solution named Red5.
  • Create unit test with Junit for all the projects mentioned above.
  • Automate the creation of the Javadoc documentation for the MCCCF projects using Jenkins et Maven.
  • Continuous integration of the projects above with Jenkins and Maven.
  • Documentation of the solutions with Enterprise Architect.




Team Lead, Goodyear Veyance Granby                                                                   March 2011-October 2011

Technologies Veyance Canada Inc. – Granford plant located at St-Alphonse-de-Granby builds multiples usage hoses for product transportation be it solid, liquid or gas. The quality of the product allows Veyance to be the biggest rubber product producer in the world.

Technology Used : Java, JSP, talend ETL, PHP, Bash, VB, Microsoft SQL, AS400 DB2, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL, BPMN, Tomcat, Apache Web, SAP, Rational Rose.

Key Projects :

  • Create BPMN and UML 2 diagram to represent business and IT process to help with the migration of the AS/400 to the SAP platform.
  • Create data loaders and interfaces from the AS400 to SAP for the SAP manufacturing migration using java.
  • Convert a manual dashboard to a fully automated solution using Jaspersoft BI server 3.5 and Talend 4.0. This project saved each business manager hour of data gathering and reduced the number of typos during the production meeting.
  • Create a data warehouse using Microsoft SQL server 2005 and Talend ETL to gather data coming from Programmable Logical Controller (PLC), AS400 DB2, and Microsoft Access.
Team Lead, Goodyear Tire Manufacturing Plant Napanee                                      May 2007-March 2011

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Napanee employs 800 workers. The plant’s operation is widely known as one of the most technologically advanced tire plants in the world.  Because of Goodyear Napanee unique manufacturing processes and technology, it is able to produce some of Goodyear’s most successful brands.

Technology Used : IBM Rational Software ArchitectAS400 V5R4, Jasper Report Server 3.5, Jasper Schema Workbench, Jasper OLAP, Jasper iReport, Jasper ETL (Talend) , Mondrian, Tomcat, Java, ActiveMQ, WebSphere MQ, Apache AXIS2, Mule ESB, JSP,  Struts, Spring MVC, Hibernate, PHP, Bash, Perl, Korn Shell, MySQL, Oracle 10g, Microsoft SQL, AS400 DB2, SAN, Dell Equallogic, SOA,  COBOL, CL, SQL, SDA, DBG,  Web services, JSON, Restful, SOAP,  Ext-JS, JQuery, Spiceworks, ITIL V2, BPMN

Key Projects :

  • Implement a Service Oriented Architecture to reduce the amount of point to point connection between application and system using open source tools. The SOA architecture helped the business with the traceability of each tire produced.
  • Model business process using IBM Rational Software Architect (BPMN).
  • Model web services use case with UML2 IBM rational Software Architect.
  • Convert undocumented WSDL to UML 2 using IBM rational Software Architect.
  • Create a SOA governance body with IT and leadership key players.
  • Axis2 was used as the main Web Service / SOAP/ WSDL engine.
  • Mule ESB was used as the Enterprise Service Bus
  • Active MQ and Websphere MQ were the main messaging technologies.
  • Supervised and help with the implementation of an electronic Kanban application for the rubber-mixing department using Java, Tomcat, JSTL and extjs. This application enables employees on the floor to self regulate production to maintain inventory to a minimum instead of having to rely on production control to dictate machine scheduling.
  • Create and implemented operational dashboard using Jaspersoft BI 3.5. The dashboards were used daily in the production meeting with the leadership. A data warehouse was built to extract, transform and load data from different data sources like excel, Microsoft access, AS400 DB2, Oracle 8,9,10. The dashboard where also displayed on big screen on the factory floor for the team member to see and act on.
  • Elaborate the IT policy and auditing tools to comply with the Sarbanes and Oxley act.
  • Reduce by 800% the production downtime caused by IT system being down by using an EMC San with Oracle Clustering solution RAC.
  • Implement a software revision system using CVS and coached a team of 5 programmers on best practice about check-in, checkout and merging of code.
  • Document IT infrastructure using Microsoft Visio to help the IT department troubleshoot issues and give senior management a visual representation of the architecture to better allocate financial resources.
  • Introduce ITIL V2 methodology and new performance metric that helped the leadership group set priorities on capital spending.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of a legacy payroll application on the AS400 platform. Programming change include support for a new bonus system for the tire builder and the creation of a new schedule to accommodate summer students.
  • Wrote Perl scripts to generate AS400 “Client Access” VB code to import data from a proprietary lube application to the standard Goodyear Maintenance Management system.
  • Maintained interfaces to the SAP platform using WebSphere MQ on the AS400 to send production and waste data to the corporate office.
  • Coordinated the implementation of a First In First Out electronic system in the tire room.
  • Implemented Teklogix wireless barcode scanner running windows CE and avalanche SAP client to let team member on the floor take parts out of the store.
  • Ported a 5250 entry screen to the Teklogix barcode scanner in the warehouse to save the trucker to have to manually enter pallet numbers.
Team Lead, Goodyear Tire Manufacturing Plant Valleyfield                                               May 2005-March 2007

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Valleyfield employed 1200 workers.  It was a plant that specialized in aftermarket tires.

Technology Used : Tomcat, Java, JSP,  JSTL, Struts, Spring MVC, Hibernate,  PHP, Bash, Perl, Korn Shell, MySQL, Oracle 9i, Microsoft SQL, AS400 DB2, COBOL, CL, SQL, SDA, DBG, ActiveMQ,  Spiceworks, ITIL V2,

Key Projects :                                                                                                                                     

  • Create an Oracle data warehouse to keep 7 years of tire test online. The current system kept only 1 month of data.
  • Implement a software revision system using CVS and Linux.
  • Coach a team of 3 programmers on best practice about check in, checkout and merging of code.
  • Elaborate the IT policy and auditing tools to comply with the Sarbanes and Oxley act.
  • Responsible for the quarterly self-testing of Sarbane-Oxley review.
  • Maintain legacy payroll application using COBOL, CL, Interactive Query.
  • Port a bonus system from a Microsoft Access database to iSeries AS400 using CL and COBOL.
  • Create standard work to help the office user to troubleshoot problems themselves.
  • Coordinate the upgrade of the AS/400 from V5R2 to V5R4.
  • Migrate lotus notes from version 5.5 to 6.5 on the AS400 platform.
  • Create software to keep track of the calibration of the equipment in the plant using Microsoft access and Oracle 8.0.
  • Document the IT infrastructure using Microsoft Visio.
  • Introduce ITIL V2 methodology and new performance metric for the IT team that resulted in improvement in the overall customer service experience.


IT Coordinator, Goodyear Tire Manufacturing Plant Valleyfield                September 2003-May 2005
  • Create PL/SQL code to enable tire builder to login to a machine and record productivity.
  • Create backup script for oracle 9i using oracle RMAN on a HP 9000 unix box.
  • Migrate four Novel 3.11 servers to windows 2000.
  • Configured a DNS/DHCP server using Mandrake 9.0.
  • Prevent virus by using Symantec Antivirus Enterprise Edition 8.0.
  • Create standard images for PC and servers using Ghost Enterprise edition 8.0.
  • Configure a Citrix Metaframe farm composed of two windows 2000 servers.
  • Monitor the network using Nagios, Cacti SNMP.
  • Manage the IT department asset with the software OCSinventory.
  • Install an SUS server to manage the update on windows clients.
  • Participate in the development of an embedded Linux solution using sixnet VersaTRAK.
  • Computer Science Bachelor (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) September 1998 – May 2003
  • Dean’s list 1998/99
  • Big-XII Commissioner’s Honor Roll 1998/99/00

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